Chujie Zheng 郑楚杰

Welcome! I am Chujie Zheng (“Chujie” pronounced similarly to “Cho-Jay”), a fourth-year Ph.D student in CoAI Group at Tsinghua University, fortunately advised by Prof. Minlie Huang. I am also currently a visiting scholar in PlusLab at UCLA, fortunately hosted by Prof. Nanyun (Violet) Peng. I received my B.Sc degree from Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University. You can find my CV here (English).

I have a broad research interest in building trustworthy AI systems, with the current focus on LLM alignment. My recent researches made efforts to understand the intrinsic working mechanisms of modern LLMs (preprint, ICLR 2024), discover their limitations and risks (preprint, ICLR 2024), and align them with human expectations and social norms (preprint, ACL 2023). Devoting all passion and wistom, my ultimate research goal is to advance and oversee AI systems in a scalable way (with minimal human intervention) and ensure they operate transparently and responsibly.

Previously, I conducted research on LLMs for social good, with a main focus on building LLMs for emotional support (ACL 2021, ACL 2023 Findings). I have also built a series of popular NLP datasets, including ChID, KDConv, ESConv, and CDConv, and am proud of them stimulating follow-up work!


  • [Pinned: Collaboration] If you would like my collaboration for your research projects, feel free to reach out! Besides the aforementioned research interest, I am also open to exploring unconventional or under-defined research problems!
  • [03/2024] Our paper on the working mechanisms of safety prompts is accpeted for Oral presentation at the SeT LLM workshop @ ICLR 2024 [paper]. See you in Vienna 🇦🇹!
  • [01/2024] Arxived our paper on the working mechanisms of safety prompts in safeguarding LLMs [paper]
  • [01/2024] Our paper on LLMs’ evaluation bias in MCQ benchmarks is accpeted for Spotlight presentation (5%) at ICLR 2024 [openreview]. See you in Vienna 🇦🇹!
  • [11/2023] Started a one-year visiting research at UCLA, hosted by Nanyun Peng
  • [09/2023] Arxived our paper on LLMs’ evaluation bias in MCQ benchmarks [paper]

Selected Papers

  1. On Prompt-Driven Safeguarding for Large Language Models
    Chujie Zheng, Fan Yin, Hao Zhou, Fandong Meng, Jie Zhou, Kai-Wei Chang, Minlie Huang, Nanyun Peng
    Secure and Trustworthy LLM Workshop @ ICLR 2024 (Oral)
    [paper] [repo]
  2. Large Language Models Are Not Robust Multiple Choice Selectors
    Chujie Zheng, Hao Zhou, Fandong Meng, Jie Zhou, Minlie Huang
    ICLR 2024 (Spotlight: 5%)
    [paper] [repo]
  3. Click: Controllable Text Generation with Sequence Likelihood Contrastive Learning
    Chujie Zheng, Pei Ke, Zheng Zhang, Minlie Huang
    ACL 2023 Findings
    [paper] [repo]
  4. AugESC: Dialogue Augmentation with Large Language Models for Emotional Support Conversation
    Chujie Zheng, Sahand Sabour, Jiaxin Wen, Zheng Zhang, Minlie Huang
    ACL 2023 Findings
    [paper] [repo]
  5. Towards Emotional Support Dialog Systems
    Siyang Liu*, Chujie Zheng*, Orianna Demasi, Sahand Sabour, Yu Li, Zhou Yu, Yong Jiang, Minlie Huang (*: Equal contribution)
    ACL 2021
    [paper] [repo]

You can find my full paper list on Google Scholar or from this page.


  • Aug 2020 - present. Ph.D student in CoAI Group, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. Advisor: Minlie Huang
  • Nov 2023 - present. Visiting Scholar in PlusLab, Computer Science Department, UCLA. Advisor: Nanyun (Violet) Peng
  • Aug 2016 - Jul 2020. B.Sc. in Physics, Tsinghua University. Major GPA: 3.98/4.00 (ranking 2/59)


  • Area Chair: ACL (24), ACL Rolling Review (24)
  • Reviewer: ACL (22/23), EMNLP (21/22), NAACL (24), EACL (23), ACL Rolling Review (21/22/23), CogSci (24), AAAI (22/23)

Awards and Honors

  • Schlumberger Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2023
  • Comprehensive Merit Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2022/2021
  • Chi-Sun YEH (叶企孙) Scholarship (Top 5/100), Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, 2020
  • Outstanding Undergraduate, Tsinghua University, 2020
  • China National Scholarship (Top 2/100), 2019
  • Comprehensive Merit Scholarship, Tsinghua University, 2018


  • Nov 2022, Shanghai AI Lab. Towards Well-behaved Dialogue Systems.
  • Jul 2021, AI Time. Approaches of Empathy Expression and Emotional Support in Dialogue Systems. [video]
  • Nov 2020, Biendata & PaperWeekly. Difference-aware Knowledge Selection for Knowledge-grounded Conversation Generation. [video]
  • Jul 2020, AI Time. KdConv: A Chinese Multi-domain Dialogue Dataset Towards Multi-turn Knowledge-driven Conversation. [video]